Welcome to Bee Wordy, where fostering fun and exciting learning experiences is our passion. Our goal is simple - Make learning to read and building vocabulary fun. Bee Wordy is a captivating card game that will capture a child's love of play using it to improve vital reading skills.

Our Story

Bee Wordy was built out of one teacher's vision to make phonics fun and engaging for students. Instead of focusing on worksheets and drills, she wanted to give her students a fun, interactive way to master this essential reading skill, and as a result see great gains in vocabulary building and comprehension. Thus, Bee Wordy was born.

Soon, the game was offered to other teachers in her building and second through fifth grade classes began exploring words and learning new vocabulary. These teachers reported great success as students were engaged in a way that worksheets could not provide. She realized she had created a true gem. 

Today, parents and teachers across the country can benefit from this engaging way to reinforce valuable phonics and word building skills with their own copies of Bee Wordy.