School Play

Bee Wordy is a game designed by a teacher for her classroom, which means the game is ideally suited for school. The basic rules are simple for the class to understand, and the versatility of the game means it can be incorporated into various aspects of the school day. Whether used for centers, in small groups or as a whole group activity, Bee Wordy will reinforce those vital phonetic concepts and grow spelling, vocabulary and math skills in a fun, non-threatening way. 

Versatility for Today's Classroom

Bee Wordy can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your students. For instance, if you are pressed for time, change the rules so that the first player who scores a fixed number of points is declared the winner, rather than playing a full 12 rounds.

To play as a class, divide the class into six teams of two to six players, so everyone can participate. Teachers can also customize the game by only playing with cards representing sounds they have covered in class. The flexibility of Bee Wordy makes it an effective tool in the classroom.

Educational Effectiveness for Reading Skills

Bee Wordy is more than just a fun game to fill time. It is a highly effective tool to help the modern teacher reinforce phonetic skills. With Bee Wordy, students are engaged in word building, constantly pushing themselves to create larger, more valuable words. They are digging into the dictionary to see if words do, in fact, exist, and even using math skills to calculate points.

If you are interested in incorporating Bee Wordy into your classroom, purchase your own copy of the game today. When you see your students actively engaged in word building, you will be glad you did! Purchase your copy of Bee Wordy today.