Welcome to Bee Wordy, where fostering fun and exciting learning experiences is our passion. Our goal is simple - Make learning to read and building vocabulary fun. Bee Wordy is a captivating card game that will capture a child's love of play using it to improve vital reading skills.


Bee Wordy is a wonderful extension of the classroom and connects home and school by strengthening players’ spelling, vocabulary and math skills while encouraging active learning and inspiring a genuine thirst for knowledge.                            



1. a sequence of regularly followed actions.

A brisk walk was a part of her morning routine. 


1. performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.

Fire drills have become a routine occurance for the school.


Related: routinely (adv.)


This game is simple in its approach, but has a big impact on my kids’ learning and bringing our family together. My children have not only improved in spelling, but they are always looking to add new words to their vocabulary. What a fun way to spend our Friday Night Family Time!
— Sabrina, Parent